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Friday at last

It's been a long and grueling day at work but somehow I'm glad. We won't have to go back to office until Monday so the week-end is definitely off and safe.

Best news is, my blue eyes man, the colleague I've been drooling about, is to work permanently at Chalon. I didn't know he actually was a subcontractor who was hired only recently.

I happened to learn all this following a claim that threatened to cascade in all sorts of problems for me. I started rather pissed, feeling trapped once again in our system when we ended up, discussing the matter in some office. He was there, brilliant. Not only did he manage to cast away any non-conformity record but he did so … brilliantly. I was charmed, in awestruck.

The web is frightening in that you may learn a lot about people: I know where he lives, his age, where he studied and, yes, that he's married (which I guessed from his ring). I know her name, too… Teehee !!

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Doping is good for you

We live in a world that approves enhancement doping. I just realized it this morning as I was watering my plants. I don't use plain water anymore but, each time, add a drop of Substral™. It seems to be the only way to get 'results' i.e. flowers…

One could hardly find any asprin at home during childhood, now mum can't go to bed without her daily sleeping pill. So did my father, I happened to learn, a few years prior to his death…

It's just so common to hear people say “take this/that, you'll feel better”.

Even publicity, in various ways, decriminalizes some terms one might think could only be heard in gyms.

So, as in the 70s', money in sport was such a big question Mr Samaranche later didn't hesitate to make obsolete, are we about to witness the acceptance of 'substances'?

I don't agree, but younger generations may have a different though perfetly valid opinion about it.

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Contrary to my day at work and contradicting CAC40 index

I just finished updating the spread sheet where I keep records of my portfolio.

I knew, at lunchtime, something … interesting was happening. I had no idea it was going through the roof.

The little lonely blue dot represents today's value. Way out of forecast. As I still, stubbornly one might say, anticipate rough times ahead, I sold, again. In particular the one stock that got me into … this.

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One of these days…

… you wished you had not gotten out of bed.

Bad day at work. We're preparing for, yet, monthly visit of Finnish safety organism (STUK) due next week. One thing good about this periodicity is that it forces us to keep our documentation very close to what's going on in the workshop. The bad (or maybe not so bad after all…) is that we barely managed, this month, between catching up from what remained behind prior to last month visit and the everyday routine.

This one month period shows the absolute necessity of 2 full time persons; I had asked for DP to come work with me as soon as he could get away from TP's Arkansas project last August. Since then we've both been rowing like mad.

I can't help feeling frustrated though. There are holes in my files and I know what problem definitely needs to be addressed in order to permanently fix missing records, human errors and so on and so forth. I'm spending time fixing each hole instead…

The situation was far from clean last month, it's only a bit better now, alright a lot better now, but it's not cleared out yet and, in my opinion, won't be until the steam generators are delivered. It's an on going process and I feel like saying: deal with it. RC thinks otherwise;that we should be clean any time

RC has 34 years of experience to back him up. I wish he'd expressed his opinion out loud though. I guess he didn't realize his bigger message intended to the hierarchy put me in a spot.

Later: I thought it might be interesting to take the same test took. There might be an explanation here why I react the way I do: le_lapin took the free personality test!

“Longs for tenderness and for a sensitivity of feel…”

Click here to read the rest of the results.

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James Dean

50 years, half a century. Anybody that age is considered old by some, experienced by others but definitely not young.

Except James Dean. 3 movies only to become an eternal star, 50 years and many more to incarnate eternal youth.

We studied Rebel without a cause at ELS San Francisco when I first went to the States, 5 years ago.

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t-shirt anybody?

I'm preparing to sell incentive t-shirts in order to kick off my fundraising…

Got this picture from Thomas Gaebel who was giving away some leftovers he had produced for ALC4. He's maintaining a blog too which makes him even more interesting.

I think it's pretty neat if I can use it for t-shirts I'd sell here (A is snob enough she won't take buy it unless it's in english ^_^).

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Livejournal's bug?

Reading all the comments following what happened to Steve aka (to whom I extent my deepest concern) I had the surprise to find the mass action feature at the end of it…

How is this possible on someone else's blog?

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