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plus and minus

Let’s start with… minuses first

– After searching how to make the best of Outlook© and provide those who ride the shuttle every day with a tool to prevent last minute panic I threw the towel this week and am ready to use another vehicule as often as possible. Some simply refused to play along and I don’t want to go into detailing why; it’s just too petty.
– Second strange refusal of an excellent way to, again, make the best of … Outlook, yet again. And again I don’t understand the lack of cooperation and total absence of spirit of sharing an information, any information, just in case someone else might profit from it. I’ve even been said: these new tools tend to kill communication between people… better hear this than being deaf, barely though.

– I think my database is starting to be convincing enough that others, outside the department, expressed interest in it.
– I attended a meeting with HB, head manager of the site. I feel more comfortable now: this ship has a captain. He might not be very sympathetic or warm but… that’s not what matters.

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