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Thank you

Because one should always thank those who help others. Maybe even more when they do so without even knowing it.

His name is Helge, lives in Austria and apparently likes Obama Barrack  … for all I could understand of his blog. It's in German.

I was Googling©™ in search for some hack to embed a flash animation in my wiki, under Mediawiki.

His script worked beautifully, in a matter of seconds, just the time necessary to type in things he documented.

I know it's Friday, evening at that, and this sounds totally lame and geeky … bite me.

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A deal for not one but two EPRs was concluded this week in China. It was known for quite a long time, procurements were already ordered well in advance and certain teams composed in that regard.

It is also rumored that South Africa, Koeberg, signed for a unit.

By contract I'm due to stay until December 2008. One year. It'll be there just as quickly as this one year and a half here flew.

The picture ahead is still rather blurish. There are pluses and no real minuses (one being admittedly the absence of communication with locals something I'm certainly partly responsible for since I didn't invest time in learning Finnish).
I get along well with colleagues, I like my job as I've really been given time to learn new tools I've certain will be beneficial in the long term. I'm also given opportunities to develop, this time for real, in a field I had been toying with for years, as a hobby, and almost had given up since it looked like a dead end back then.
This job was a clean slate, for me to do whatever I felt like doing. I couldn't ask for better.

There's also Flamanville which is to start very soon. Everybody seems interested in working abroad so Normandy, in comparison… It is contagious I guess.

I'm a bit confused. Grass is still greener elsewhere.

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I'm still giggling inside because… I had brought my laptop home and a book about CSS so as to work on some %&# compatibility issues between Firefox and IE.

And I spent a good hour writing a comment to the comment some dude had written after my comment following a post someone else wrote late last week.

Something that was so unfair, taking an Orwell novel, Animal farm, and drawing a twisted parallel with current social issues back home, I couldn't resist commenting and letting know how I viewed things and basically deconstructing the original post.

Now I'm trapped in that thread… I really have a hard time letting go. I must admit I was having fun while writing.

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Euh, …

While some are debating about Facebook policy regarding disclosure of personal infos through beacon, flyer and whatnot I am… not too happy about this:

I disagree.

Has Dailymotion broadcasted anything but private videos mocking both candidates during last national presidential campaign?

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Quick note before going to bed.

While working (and not succeeding really) this evening I was listening to the BBC. Radio Five live. Someone from the government was being interviewed after some program regarding insertion of long term unemployed people had been changed recently.

He was interviewed, I'd say he was put on a grill. It was a I'm-not-your-friend-nor-your-enemy-but-spare-me-the-crap kind of interview I would like conducted back home. Ever.

How refreshing!

Our journalists “didn't know” about late president's out of wedlock daughter…

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Just finished watching “how to marry a millionaire” featuring… well, no need to name any of them is there?

As it had been quite a bit that I had not viewed it I couldn't help noticing how old everything was: cars, fashion of course but also way of acting.

Maybe because la Monroe was in there it prevented me to consider it had indeed aged.

It was shot in 1953, over half a freaking century ago…

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Barbara, 10 years after

Barbara is among the numerous singers my father liked and irritated me.

Because, like Brassens or Ferré, her message, what she meant but didn't put into words as much as suggested, was mostly lost on my young age.

I guess I've grown up since then.

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