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Happy one hein!

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Late this afternoon JM and I went to the reactor for a quick visit. Turned out mister (him, I was only taking the opportunity of his inspection) had forgotten some papers. *sigh*

Short story even shorter.

I'm reactivating my old Clié. I have not had much use of it since Chalon where I was following 'my' elements in the workshop…

Can't seem to find the installation CD (still know how it looks like: light green; been laying around long enough in the other apartment); I'll see if I can dig something up later. For the time being I'll use already installed applications I had been wise enough (considering the 'danger' of loosing them once the batteries would die) to have saved them on a mini-disk.

The little beast might be old and in B&W I'm kind of looking forward to finding it/him a new use.

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I liked the answer

I dig Digg. Well not always but every now and then, especially, like now, when I find something, be that a post, an article or a comment, that sticks out.

25 Reasons you didn't get the Gig

Reasons why people don't get a job they have applied for.

To which, this comment made me giggle:

For me, the biggest trick has been making myself unforgettable – and there's the fine line between “be an arrogant asshole” and “make yourself memorable”.

For example: In one interview, the interviewer was going down the length of questions that he had clearly gone over a million times and was getting tired of it. He asked the age old “What do you think your greatest weaknesses are?”

I responded “My greatest weakness is that I work so hard and so long, I forget to eat or sleep, and then they find me collapsed at my desk just after I've completed the project.”

He paused, looked up at me, and laughed for a full minute. Then I answered the question honestly and seriously. But I got the call backand the job out of the 50-some odd people going for the same position,and he later told me we all had pretty equal experience – but I was the only one he could imagine working with after that.

I could too ^_^

I gave it a thumb up.

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One cannot fiddle, in Facebook, with the search engine, looking for groups, networks or people, without thinking of pals, buddies, friends, relationships one had in the past and would like to get back in touch with.

Or not…

Prior to having to return to mother land for my military service I spent a year in England, at Plymouth Polytechnic. Apparently it has become a University since then.

I often think of that year as one my best experience, that I will never forget.
Our accomodation was rather close to the Barbican. There there was an almost equal share of students with a third German, American, British … and us, only two.

I remember writing down everybody's addresses before we would all scatter to the 4 winds… of course we barely wrote and rapidly lost tracks of each others. It might be different now with the net but 22 years ago …

When I moved my stuff last September in the attic at Chalon I recall seeing that little book with all the addresses. But where did I put it?

Mom told me more than 10 years ago that a certain Richard called, from the States but she couldn't understand much so didn't give the infos to get back to him. Richard … Kim … ble but I'm probably confusing with some TV character, right? He was from South Carolina.

And then, today, another name came up: Linda Zanin or Zanine from Washington, DC. Half French (father's side) half Italian. I Google©™d her name and found pictures of someone who's apparently a doctor in Montgomery Maryland.

It could be her. The photo where that Linda resembles the most 'mine' was shot in 2004.

Now wouldn't she just freak out if I were to send her an e-mail or something? I think I would.

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Grenelle agreements refer to a meeting held in May 1968 when the whole country was in chaos and de Gaulle had left to Baden-Baden (Germany).

The name, Grenelle, has since ramified into as many forums as there are necessities to have a meeting, gather people with diverging opinions and interests and reach an agreement.

There's been a 'Grenelle' regarding Environment just this week to which, among others, Al Gore was invited.
Bullet points, one having nothing to do with the other:

  • I'm glad I sold my apartment. I won't have to worry about the budget to bring it to new eco standards.
  • Al Gore would make a decent president.

Like I said, no relationship whatsoever between the two points.

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somewhere over the rainbow

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Obligatory reading

Monday, 22nd of October President Sarkozy made it compulsory for all teachers to read, in class, Guy Moquet's last letter to his parents.

This is definitely too much.

Maybe now some are starting to smell the coffee and realize there's something awkward about that president…

Because this looks a lot like rewriting History. What about digging up way more embarrassing periods?

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