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I'm debating whether I should make a one post with sections for each day since last time I wrote anything.

… or backpost (from notes I kept on my trusty notebook).

… … or postpone until this weekend with a greater risk of never typing things in (I still have to do it for the ride, from same notebook.).

… … … but will I resist installing my new laptop?

All are tempting, on top of grabbing a book, watching, again, 'la traversée de Paris', crashing (arrived from home and woke up this very morning with only 4 hours sleep), chatting  skyping,…

Mmmh… and the winner is? Laptop + DVD… I think ^_^
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while flying back home

Again I said to AH that he should arrange a meeting with all members of his staff. I had said this before he departed on vacation last month and did so then. I'm pretty confident he won't do it.

I'm still surprised that he's surprised and upset and angry because NCRs aren't dealt with the way they should be, rather the way he thinks  they should be.

I didn't do much this morning. I finalized linking/bounding all forms to external tables and queries in the DB. It'll make maintenance and updating easier; FH at Erlanghen will only have one table, his, to play with; if he does not understand then I'll give up.

I was munching a sandwich while talking to AH about the meeting. A cab was to take to the Turku's airport shortly, I was already gone.

3 hours later:
As soon as I could lay my butt on a chair I ordered a cookie, a yoghurt and a beer (for later).
It wasn't long before I witnessed a little scene I'm certain to never see in Finland: A group of 3 arrived shortly
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the man in seat sixty one

Listening to 'carrefour de Lodéon', classical music. The man with a chubby face is the voice-without-a-face that is presenting the program.

I honestly didn't know how he looked like until a couple of days ago.

I honestly didn't know the name of the program was a play word using his family name.

Just a reminder… is a personal website run as a hobby, and not an agency or a business, although I receive some commission to pay the webhosting fees, support my travel habit and buy me a beer or two from Google ads and certain affiliate schemes. The information on this site is intended to help, but I can't take any responsibility for any inaccuracy. All pages © Mark Smith 2001-2006, all photos © Mark Smith 2001-2006, except where shown.

A refreshing initiative I found amusing enough to make this post.

Because the net, to me, is lacking more and more such personal, crazy, brilliant, ideas.

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minus one and a half

I fly back home this Friday. A cab is to take me to Turku for a plane to Helsinki where I'll catch another one to Paris CDG.

About 3 hours later I'll arrive at Besançon.

S & F have, finally, made up their mind and will tie the knot this Saturday. I'll try to survive the evening and make the best of it but I'm not sure yet: I'm not a party boy and definitely out of practice for staying awake over night.

I'll stay at T's.

Just returned from supermarket and bought A&D, T and S&F little gifts that count more for the thought than… what they are really: tacky stuff for sauna. None of them have one but what else can you buy here that represents Finland? A moose? ^_^

I  litteraly begged me to pay them a visit… so I'll go, next Tuesday *evil sigh*
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Budapest 2006, Budapest 56. 50 years between the two events and probably/certainly not same motivations.

I feel like going on strike… too.

Just for the pleasure of saying: I disagree, I can't take it anymore.

Because I was too young when our May 68 broke loose.

At 42, I'd like to live something that, even temporarily, would send the message across that matters belong to the people in the end.

and for the fun of just … the mess it would create.

Don't count on Finns to go on strike; they're so… together *rolling eyes*
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Even LJ's logo has changed for the occasion: It's Talk like a pirate day
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Que reste-t'il?

AH was back from vacations today.

From the way he behaved, the tone of his voice, it felt as if he didn't have a longer break than a weekend…

I  wrote yesterday evening. 'Why don't you write?' then a list of reasons revolving around the theme 'out of sight, out of mind'. I felt like joking but resisted my natural tendency to sneer and we agreed to have a skype chat… *sigh* this evening.

But I want to finish listening to D.Mermet's show, là-bas si j'y suis.

It brings me 2 and half years back, as I was listening to the show while (trying to) study(ing) italian right before class.

There are priorities in life. ^_^
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Online radio

The radio show just finished a couple of minutes ago and I'm already looking forward to listening to it again, next Sunday (from home!!!).

le masque et la plume  which radio host is Jérôme Garcin.

It's been aired way before I was born and underwent multiple changes over the decades, I guess, but it's the same principle: theater and movies hence the mask, books hence the plume (feather?).

Radio manages something that TV has never, or so rarely, in spite of the visual in addition to the audio: it captures, it grabs attention by the very nature of what the subject is about.

There used to be (I think he semi-retired a couple of years ago) a show on TV B.Pivot hosted but it never got my attention as much as this radio program does; tension due to cameras around maybe.

Plus they really don't hesitate to tell their mind about anything: if what they saw or read sucked, they do let know, there and then but it's never vulgar and always documented and argued.

They disagree with one another too. But there again it never turns into a fight.

I'd like to attend a show some day. It's recorded in public on Thursdays and at la maison de la radio  at Paris (of course).

It's a pledge.

In the mean time, I record and listen to podcasts (hence) in loop. Because, like with movies  or songs, I'm never tired of listening to same programs again and again.

Benefit of having no memory, I guess ^_^
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PC vs MAC second season (or is it?) liked the first series a lot. This one has a different tone though… but I like it too.
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Thank you Podcast,

               thank you I-tunes.

Do I need to say more?

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