Friday at last

30 Sep

It's been a long and grueling day at work but somehow I'm glad. We won't have to go back to office until Monday so the week-end is definitely off and safe.

Best news is, my blue eyes man, the colleague I've been drooling about, is to work permanently at Chalon. I didn't know he actually was a subcontractor who was hired only recently.

I happened to learn all this following a claim that threatened to cascade in all sorts of problems for me. I started rather pissed, feeling trapped once again in our system when we ended up, discussing the matter in some office. He was there, brilliant. Not only did he manage to cast away any non-conformity record but he did so … brilliantly. I was charmed, in awestruck.

The web is frightening in that you may learn a lot about people: I know where he lives, his age, where he studied and, yes, that he's married (which I guessed from his ring). I know her name, too… Teehee !!

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