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Not good

Alain.H was not good during our weekly meeting this afternoon with Hervé.B: When it was my turn, our turn, to talk about both matters I am supposedly in charge of, he more than once put me in a uncomfortable situation, having to defend and fight back.
The moment about inspections was the most critical. We had nothing! Well said he. It was most embarrassing. Great support indeed.
This reinforces my impression that he’s not fitted for the position. He may be a kind person, certainly the most agreeable one I had to work with but he sucks at organizing things, there’s no team per se and we hardly get any direction.
Hence weekly meetings the site manager manages himself…

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Turned down an interview

Today I turned down an interview with some journalist from, said he, France. I searched a little and cross checked several sources. He might be French but the newspaper he works(ed?) for is (was?) Le Temps in Switzerland

I didn’t like his approach plus what could I get out of it?

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Several things, again

  • Isn’t it strange that it’s when I need to focus on one particular subject at work that ideas regarding the other matter, the database and what ever revolves around it, start flooding in whereas I’d certainly need creativity in my present project. *le sigh*.
    I, now, have a more precise idea of how I want the database to evolve in a more or less near future:

    • Exporting from PDF to XML.
    • Retrieving data into the database so as to have a mere copy of the non conformance in question.
    • No need for redundancy of data, except in the case of non conformance we may choose to not cover but only record them.
  • The topic of the TV show yesterday, C dans l’air, was so much what I wanted debated over but, really, the show host is not doing a good job. Guests sucked too, I just don’t know why they invited them. I stopped watching the video after, what, 10 minutes.
  • Question: how can one forget an appointment agreed upon in the morning for some time, any time, in the afternoon? Is it me or was the guy simply not ready for it and rather than just letting me know chose to just not show up from noon until it was time to depart? I may paranoid but, still…
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bullet points

  • Still no snow, at least not in the amount we anticipated from what we had last year. At least temperatures are low enough that spots of ice though kind of scary, are dry enough which is good when riding the bike on it without spikes on tires.
  • Exchanges of e-mails with Maryse V. and Patrick T. today. It felt good to retrieve contacts with these two. It also felt just right to ask PT about that training in database I read a position about just last week as it’s supposed to take place where he works.
  • Read a blog which, finally, sort of convinced me that the crazy trader who made SocGen loose billions acted on his own. Unreal. What possessed him to take so much risk?
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Expresso machine

The expresso machine died this morning. More exactly a ring broke which results in no coffee (alright, 2 but really not enough) this morning.

If I can’t find a spare ring this will go straight to the bin and I’ll buy a new one. I’ve already drooled over a couple in the past month and was impatiently waiting for this one to give up.

Looks like it knew it was retirement time.

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First post on Worpress. I’m almost done importing all data from my other (former? I don’t know whether I should delete it or leave it as it is only so as to be able to read friend-only posts from other LJers whose blogs I aggregated) blog on Livejournal.

I profit from the change to also change the layout, keep the ‘comic sans ms’ font but trim down for a lighter version.

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Eeva's departure

I'm working on a little video for Eeva's departure, tomorrow.

Pretty much like the one I had shot, edited and … released in one morning for Sebastian's departure last year.

Something simple and, hopefully, meaningful.

Edited on the 25th:

Eeva's departure from le_lapin on Vimeo.

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It's not my turn to play but since I'm trailing behind since the beginning of the game (the bitch my dear opponent started with 'Zoom'), I'd like to give some serious thought to my next move.

  • A better move anyone?
  • Who wants to play with me? I'm getting hooked…

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attention diverted

The article might have been about something rather serious (although, living here, I am pretty familiar with it) my attention got almost immediately diverted, from the very moment I browsed the English version of Spiegel online

The little magnifying glass inviting to blow up the image, I just did it. I'm incorrigible. ^_^

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On Ebay

I would have believed this is the kind of thing to dispose of right after an event is over.

Come to think of it, I have almost all my tags from my participations at ALC, and they're just pieces of plastic with number of them…

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