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talking about weather

We're currently facing a reasonably big snow storm at the moment. It's been so since noon and I felt kind of overwhelmed by it.

By it and by other things…

I bet here the project will suffer some consequence, again. It did after the strong winds ('strong' for anyone who's not used to wind that is) we had last weekend: one key element, part of the liner that surrounds the reactor, sort of drifted and consequently had its wall bent over a dozen of spots, on the blocks it was actually merely put.

       We all had anticipated securing the cranes, nobody thought of the liner…

       In order to give a picture on a smaller scale: Imagine a bloody can without top at its ends. Think of walls as thin as paper, the kind one uses to roll cigarettes (Aluminum foil would correspond in terms of weight and tickness). Place that roll on a dozen of blocks as small as needles.

       Now imagine a fan sitting next to that … construction…

It's about time things start taking a more favorable turn here. It's not like we couldn't use any luck here because from the management point of view I haven't witnessed anything bright so far.

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I thought it was really cute ^_^

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trip on a ferry

trip on a ferry
Vidéo envoyée par le_lapin

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The political blogosphere is getting feverish as the election for the socialist candidate is closing in, following the second debate on TV a couple of days ago.

Apparently Ségolène Royal  is loosing ground vs the two others, especially Dominique Strauss Kahn.
I visit his blog every now and then but this morning decided to comment his last suggestion: a financial capital to young people in order to ease their start in life.
The idea is generous and goes along with what I heard many say: the apparent contradiction between a young generation in dire hard situations and older people who barely make the economy run and save like there's no tomorrow.

It's generous and demagogical and unrealistic and expensive and … and …

DSK is no fool (besides having been a former minister of the economy). I take it this 'idea' was a way to trigger reactions and ideas.

There are a couple of good suggestions in comments I read.

It's funny how I have the feeling I can see who commented, from the way they express themselves, their manner of addressing DSK (some saying tu  others, most, using the formal vous), their criticism, enthusiasm, …

It snowed during the night and we gained 1 hour in bed

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first snow

What is actually falling from the sky can not be water. It's too slow…

First flakes of snow. ^_^

The ground is too humid for it to remain,


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livemind ???

I don't have the slightest clue what this is about, just received a link to it this morning…

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Could it be that one of my colleagues played in a rock band?

SF sent me this video as evidence that he once belonged to a music band. He's the bald guy playing bass. I was not totally convinced but since we had no access to all other websites he sent me links to I postponed looking him up.

Googled Entrefuego since. It's their page on Myspace© that convinced me.

Bajo = bass…

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