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Facebook Poll: 94% Of Users Don’t Like Redesign

A Facebook application is polling users on the the new site layout . So far, just over 5% of the nearly 800,000 respondents give it a thumbs up. The rest go the other way. Users can also leave comments with their thoughts. Recent user comments include “Missing so many features I used to adore.

I am saddened,” “Please change it back to the way it was,” and “I hate it and if it doesn’t change I will only check it once in awhile.” Ah, the fickle user.

Until January users and advertisers could create polls directly within Facebook, and the company used them extensively at the Davos World Economic Forum. It would be great it they brought that feature back directly.

Facebook Poll: 94% Of Users Don’t Like Redesign.

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tricky question

Someone, bored at work, posted “ask me a question, I’ll answer it as honestly as possible”. He’s not in list of direct friends but I syndicated his blog a good while back and enjoy his, not so frequent, posts.

Here’s what I came up with:

If, by magic, you were given one quality (that you think you don’t have or too little of it) but at the expense of another one (that you think you have) what would the two be?

I also made a note of it on my profile on FB and tagged just about every contacts I have there.

This helped me forget about the lame sentence Régis said to me during the ride back to Rauma. Out of the blue but so in line with what everybody so firmly believes is true: you’re single, you have no kids so…. He, later, kind of joked about the whole thing but the damage is done; I can bear grudges until I forget the root reason that caused it.

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online poll

The question was/is: Which of these would make you the most likely to vote?
– weekend voting
– online voting
– provide incentives to vote
– legal requirement to vote (kind of strange to read this since, if it was a legal requirement, one would definitely have to vote).
Alright, it’s on Facebook only so, by definition, people there are online, and statistics would certainly show that a vast majority of them have a so called life online therefore they do not represent a country only a fraction.


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