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Les entreprises high tech collaborent pour être plus compétitives

Il sera intéressant de connaître les fruits de ces collaborations, la ou les démarches utilisées, les échecs essuyés, les succès aussi (que je leur espère). D’autres entreprises, bien que non high tech, pourraient en profiter à la longue.
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L’agenda des TIC pour 2018 en Europe – Tumblr Fing

Highlights and Sticky Notes:

Pour Ben Verwaayen, président d’Alcatel-Lucent, le chemin semble clair : nous entrons dans l’ère de la coopération. Ce qui va ouvrir de nouvelles façons de travailler ensemble. “Nous sommes engagés de manière irréversible vers un environnement de collaboration, à l’échelle mondiale.” L’agenda est clair selon lui : il va nous falloir apprendre à mieux travailler ensemble. Reste à savoir comment, car les problèmes pour transformer une idée, un concept, une recherche en succès commercial est loin d’être évident.


Facebook should be embraced by offices – Telegraph

Highlights and Sticky Notes:

“Banning Facebook and the like goes against the grain of how people want to interact,” said Peter Bradwell, author of the Demos report.

“Often people are friends with colleagues through these networks and it is how some develop their relationships.

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Gartner Says Financial Institutions Must Focus on IT Innovation or Hibernate to Weather the Economic Downturn

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The next innovation step will be to bridge the gap between pure social networks and financial social networks (FSNs). FSNs are leveraging social networks to initiate a new form of financial transaction, allowing members to not only share information but to actually start lending and borrowing to each other, cutting out the middle man – in this case the bank.

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tricky question

Someone, bored at work, posted “ask me a question, I’ll answer it as honestly as possible”. He’s not in list of direct friends but I syndicated his blog a good while back and enjoy his, not so frequent, posts.

Here’s what I came up with:

If, by magic, you were given one quality (that you think you don’t have or too little of it) but at the expense of another one (that you think you have) what would the two be?

I also made a note of it on my profile on FB and tagged just about every contacts I have there.

This helped me forget about the lame sentence Régis said to me during the ride back to Rauma. Out of the blue but so in line with what everybody so firmly believes is true: you’re single, you have no kids so…. He, later, kind of joked about the whole thing but the damage is done; I can bear grudges until I forget the root reason that caused it.

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online poll

The question was/is: Which of these would make you the most likely to vote?
– weekend voting
– online voting
– provide incentives to vote
– legal requirement to vote (kind of strange to read this since, if it was a legal requirement, one would definitely have to vote).
Alright, it’s on Facebook only so, by definition, people there are online, and statistics would certainly show that a vast majority of them have a so called life online therefore they do not represent a country only a fraction.


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First FB get together

At first I was a bit disappointed that not all of those who had said they would come for the FB get together I had launched actually came.
In retrospect I would say it was a good thing.

First: the table we were at could have hardly accommodated two more.
Second: came or, at least, popped by those I cared to see actually. I wish a couple of others had also but there’ll be other such occasions.

So, not entirely a success nor a failure. A trial that demands confirmation.

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