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Sunday… under the snow, or what remains from what fell during the night. A was obviously happy to escape the appartement and take baby B out for lunch.
.What else? Ah! the rest of the afternoon at the museum for an expo of drawings: fusain, sanguines, encre de chine, pierre noire, ….

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P is here. We're having coffee, T and I and him. He is so boring… I feel like shaking the guy and kicking his ass. T gets along great with him, so… The music is too loud I can't think properly. Ah! Linda Lemay, Les filles seules ♥ lyrics used to make A and C instantly angry and me laughing ^_^

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I was about to comment an entry but chose not to. I would not be all that thrill having people systematically commenting my posts. I meant to be nice though but…
Time to go to sleep anyway.
Unreal Pergolesi's Stabat Mater.
I found another online shoot them up game. I take it starten relates to start.

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There must be a school for mentally handicaped persons near work. Some of them board the bus I'm riding to work or back home a few stops after mine. I'm beginning to know them all. One thing that struck me today, as I was fighting my afternoon nap attack, is that none of them is agressive. They're not heavily handicaped and seem to enjoy a certain autonomy. Still they can't help speaking loud if not shouting. But it's never mean…
T bought a webcam, finally. First experience, a couple of minutes back, was a complete success. Was about time.

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10 other persons are to leave the company today, many more until next July. It's the end of the month nothing abnormal. Tension has stlightly increased though. The deadline is closing by.

I already started to schedule a few appointments…
This blog will help me in times when I on my own in Burgundy, even before. One of a few things I will make sure I have when I move, whether I rent a place of buy it, is the connection to the web. Neat net ^_^

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Slept at T's last night. As usual we drank a bit and chatted a lot (since he couldn't connect; had my John Grisham with me, just in case).

I so adore waking up there, fixing the coffee, silently getting prepared, having my breakfast, … Knowing someone else nearby is still asleep is somehow rather conforting.

It takes like 2 hours to really get my ideas clear.
Temperatures were, again, a bit chilly (around -5C). Frost, thin layers of snow here and there that remain from last days falls. Lucky me the bus was there just minutes after I had arrived myself at the stop. The radio managed to definitely shake me up:

She's a maniac, maniac on the floor!
And she dances like she never danced befoooore
She's a…

It's Friday!!

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Rosie O'Donnell to marry girlfriend in SF. WOW!
“The only way changes are made in society is when people like Mayor Gavin Newsom have the courage to stand up against injustice.” Courageous woman. Definitely a heavy weight bonus in the battle to come.

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