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Bullet points. I won`t be very sophisticated until I`m home I`m afraid but I can`t afford to spend time editing and making whaterver I post look fancy.
* Only managed to wake up once, at around 1:30AM but got out of bed a little after 07:00AM so pretty good night I must say.
* shared breakfast with Laura from Santa Cruz (where I first camp site will be BTW). Everything I said was Cooool, even my name ^_^
* back to `my` Starbucks where I saw Diane, rider #4849 who I can see on your page managed to raise minimum again this year; way to go lady!
* back here now, cross street between 17st and Sanchez, H cafe. I like this place probably as much as I do Startbucks… only difference is probably not as much eyes candy ^_^
* Plans for coming days: buy snickers, joign gym, visit MOMA (Chagall expo) buy aperons, buy bags, … enjoying myself while doing it.

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I`m here… there

None of my connections failed.
I arrived in time, that is at about 2PM at SFO.
Went to my usual place (Mason St) and checked in (We have breakfast now!) until departure next Sunday.
I`m back in Castro; too excited to not at least spend a couple of hours just wandering here. Was looking for a Radio Shack shop for a plug converter but can`t seem to find the one I had in mind.
This f***g keyboard is starting to piss me off; I guess my crankyness is to be put on the account of my tiredness.

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What possessed him?

This is J-E and his new wife.

He's a former colleague from when I worked at Besançon. Another common co-worker of ours, contrary to her habit to flooding her list of contacts with supposedly funny jokes, sent around a simple question that caught my attention: “did someone view J-E on TV yesterday?

The show is based the 'seven year itch' … concept (can't think of another, more proper, term).

I didn't know he had divorced; it looks like he has agreed on having TV following him (for seven years?) after he recently remarried this lady from Cameroon.

Can you think of a more powerful factor to make any relationship fail? Even Truman  had to break loose.

I wish him all the best though.

In the mean time I'm packing up. Departure time tomorrow from my home: 04:20 … AM.

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Green visit

We had something like a one kilometer long bumpers to bumpers queue this morning. Members of Greenpeace had blocked the entrance and handcuffed themselves to the gates.

I exchanged sms with other colleagues that were behind. None of us knew what was causing this delay. Eeva joked she called up friends of hers who worked for the organization. Bingo girl!

It was apparently a diversion as another group managed (without much difficulties ..) to access the site from the sea and 6 of them climbed up the highest crane to hang a banner that reads: french nuclear disaster.

It should be french and german nuclear disaster. ^_^

Flickr  exhibits all pictures that were shot today. I added … whoever is behind in my list of contacts.

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1 day (and a year) difference

I had filled up my income tax almost the same day last year. Works like waking up at about the same time each day, it must be subconsciously written in my brain that each end of May I have this chore to take care of.

I had accomplished a lot more then, and still had a lot ahead to do.

What will this day of May be next year?

Declaring online today was a bit trickier than then. On top of the portfolio this year is the first I also have to declare incomes from renting my place at Chalon.
This is when I appreciate having all detailed and carefully put away in e-mails.

Other first, this year the form was prefilled with last year incomes. Bless! I had no idea where to retrieve that info. ^_^

And to complete this day, which is only starting, this joyful song by Rose Murphy. It's a perfection:

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I thought it was funny … but maybe it's not.

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This song is not the version used in the movie. I like that one better but this one is still alright.

I don't know when it was recorded but I would guess from the style, the rolling Rs, … before WW2.

Honestly it sounds a bit ridiculous but at the same time it's moving.

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