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I don't like the exposure this young person, diagnosed with a cancer earlier this year, gets.

I don't think it is sound to use her. I can't think of anything positive for her.

What does she gain out of it? I know what's in there for the newspaper.

I had noticed that story about Alicia a couple of weeks ago. Now it's on front page…

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Change of pic. Where is Peter? The two rarely if not ever show on same pictures… Did Peter understand what Bob didn't?

Rather pale at this time of the year, but as big as ever. Probably sucked in the belly for the photo but one has to admit he looks good in spite of a low and saggy chest.

I remember seeing him walking past me at the Gold gym for a Mars® bar of some kind. How can all this mass remain in place at his age?

One of my fantasies would be to massage him just to know how firm and toned up he really is. Can't be just Jelo® can it?

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Impatiently waiting for our paths to be crossed
searching your eyes searching mine

Strange how thoughts go beyond words
where I was born, the weather,
my last book,

Making up imaginary conversations
multiplying futile occasions

When my mind can only think of one

You, seaside eyes I want to dive into.

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Un inconnu vous offre des fleurs

I bought another plant this afternoon, again for the kitchen. It's fern this time.

En terrasse, facing the greenhouse-shop, the cook of our company was having a drink with her friend (girlfriend?). As soon as she spotted me she joked it would be 2 bouquets of roses for her thank you.

She didn't get bouquets but the roses I offered her sure got a warm reaction.

She's a cool lady. She doesn't have an easy job and most of us forget to say we appreciate her hard work.

Boy would I fall on the ground, blushing, glowing red, if anything like this happened to me. LOL

Why doesn't it?

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S called me up yesterday at work. I'm terrible at staying in touch with friends, he's not. I'm fortunate.

Basically the conversation revolved around his current problem: he's bored at work and he's wondering whether it could relate to something 'more serious'. His wife, he married in June last year, finally got a steady job, they're happy together, his kid just turned 2 and is doing great, they bought a new house,… Though every indicators seem to point things couldn't be better he has the feeling he's not happy.

He's concerned about bothering people near and far with his problem but can not help doing it. It's like saying you have a health problem when the appearance totally contradicts this statement. All the more difficult to find a sympathetic ear.

Me: “S, how old are you?”
S: “I'm 33…”
Me: “You're going through the early 30s' crisis”. Everybody does. I did”
S: “What shall I do then?”
Me: “Learn to live with it. You should start accepting the fact there are questions that may remain unanswered and it's Ok. I'm giving you my feedback but that may not suit you. Have you considered seeing a counselor? I did because I wanted to change direction in my career but it partially worked out. It did well for I though you know how difficult she can be.”
S: “Ok, but why now? It's getting embarrassing talking about it because people who know me obviously don't understand what I'm complaining about”
Me: “It's the lack of progression. It also surprised me how long after shool it took me to realize I was stagnating but in a way it makes sense since it takes a while for things to settle down: you changed job, you went up to the UK, came back here, had a kid, got married, … This takes time but now that you seem to be on rail tracks you start to wonder if this is really it.”
S: “I was wondering whether I should change job again. I'm getting bored with this one. I applied several times but failed everytime because I don't know for sure what I want to do”
Me: “Yup! Changing job might not be the answer because you might end up, 6 months later realizing matters are just the same. Even worse, the more often you would change job the faster each would become tedious. No more alternative then.”
S: “What did you do?”
Me: “Like I said I saw a counselor but it didn't work out well. I think I asked the wrong question or rather the one I asked turned out to not be appropriate then. I was looking for a change in direction of my career after we would determine my psychological profile but by then my company was doing dangerously bad so I stopped the analysis and instead applied for the job I have now. In my case it was a matter of priority: bills got to be paid.
My question remains partially answered since I know now I'm INFJ but it's for me to reinitiate the process and go all the way this time.”
S: “Seeing a counselor costs a lot. ad minima* 2 ot 3000€”
Me: “If you so decide to go see one make sure you ask the good question. That's my point.”

The rest and end of the phone call consisted in various considerations about us needing to see more of each other.

With pleasure.

*: that the mot à la mode. I'm getting tired of people using latin especially when it's not that much à propos.

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For some reason the little camera that's built in my cell phone focused on my colleague behind…

Anyway, it was, again, a very hot day at office. Fans were set on full speed but managed little really. For those impaired with celsius system: 31°C = 87.8°F

I'm glad this Friday is over. For more reasons than just the temperature…

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Had dinner out with SR, JG and AM, colleagues from the US. These guys go out way more than I so AM picked up a diner they had not tried yet.

Dinner was good. Really. I'm amazed at the number of more than decent restaurants with regard to size this little city offers. Besançon, in comparison, is not as rich though the city is twice as big.
Being located in the heart of Burgundy, surrounded by vinyards, really makes the difference I guess.

I just remember an incident that happened during the course of the dinner. None of us was involved but 3 customers who arrived no later than 09:30. The owner simply turned them down stating she never serves after 9PM… My colleagues didn't look all that surprised after they understood what went on. I was.

Turning down clients, that got to be a first ^_^

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Last update

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bat away

Merde! A bat flew again into the kitchen… All windows are open because of the heat.

later: at one point the bat landed on the floor. It's really no bigger than a mouse… I thought it might have bumped onto a wall and had fallen but as soon as I moved into the kitchen it took off for more circles around the room.

Even later: It seems to have found the exit (through the window) now. I made sure (well almost. It's so small it could be safely hidden anywhere) it's gone.

God! I'm just not good with any living creature. I can't stand anything crawling and to think a bat has fur but still flies… Bat translates into “chauve-souris” so, in my great ignorance, I'm not very far from believing bats do relate to mice.

Creepy LOL

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