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Michel Serrault

I ceased to be afraid of Death when I understood I was not the first to go through it ”

Michel Serrault 1928 – 2007

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Our offices are located by a little wood, itself by the sea. Olkiluoto is an island.

Today, because of some plan aiming at increasing the space for more buildings and storage facilities, we watched a Timberjack machine cutting down and trimming pine trees and birches, probably spending less than 20 seconds for each.

I'm not joking, 15 seconds to 20 seconds zip zip zip gone. 10, 15 year old trees were history they didn't know what hit them.

This comes from someone working at building a nuclear power plant: I can't help thinking there was something indecent there.

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café au lait


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It's a girl !!

Just a minute after I switched the phone back one this morning I received a text message from Seb. This time I know the baby is really born because it's a girl.

Thanks to the magic of text messaging and the 'forwarding' feature within half an hour almost all colleagues, even those back in Sarkoland on vacations, were informed of it.

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ALC 6 – AidsLifeCycle 6 – 2nd day

Second day of the ride last June, at Harvey West Park, Santa Cruz, California.

ALC6 – Aids Life cycle 6 from le_lapin and Vimeo.
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Tina, last day at work

I already twittered about it but Tina leaving, I feel she deserves a true post with more lines.

Tina threw a party yesterday but some attendees being out of my list of people I can put up with I chose not to go.

And felt a bit bad about it so bought her roses.

Which I brought the day after, today, in my backpack as I rode to work.

She had not arrived yet so the roses ended up on the top of some closet where her boss forgot them until after noon…

Wilted roses for a teary Tina.

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Boeotian brother

What a jerk my brother can be some time.

I don't quite understand how he managed to reply to two things I had sent him. Truth be told he's the kind that sends me and his distribution lists jokes he finds on the net or receives himself from other people. I hardly get much news from him or his family but those chain mails.

To one of them, yesterday I replied with a link to my article with this comment I thought humorous “not NYT or le Monde but I feel kind of flattered“.

Then came his dual reply, the first part concerning my request of an update of his infos via Plaxo (something I had totally forgotten).

Thanks but no thanks (to my request) your professional e-mail only will suffice … seen (I like the nuance, not 'read' but 'seen') your article … I confess I didn't know about Facebook; maybe a Tsunami on the net … not even a little wave here … the rest of the article along with comments are rather theoretical, not for a Boeotian I intend to remain.

Followed the info they would be on vacations next week and could be reached at some e-mail address.

Me: “What a cold and collected reaction. I'll leave you in Boeotia then. Worry not I won't bother you during your vacations

He'll look up Boeotia…

What a jerk … and me a cretin to even mind.

Truth is we drift further and further apart.

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