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I need money

Appointment with CJ* at the HR department this morning. I noticed she only dimensionned the meeting to half and hour…
I need to be sharp and focused.
She might not even suspect the reason why I want to see her. It's not that I don't want to change job, because I do, yes already.
I just hope she won't close the door too rapidly. I'm hoping my request will ring something in her that'll make the ball roll in the right direction.
There are 2 things in such appointment: 'Can you' and if you can't 'who then'? The 'who then' being located either in some office in Paris or our offices in the States.

Such big companies invest money in Art and Charities. There must be a way for me to reach the person with the check note book.

It's a matter for me to secure $2500 hence my participation in next year ALC. Otherwise, it's going to request a lot of small donations, which is not bad but more nerves-wrecking.

Later: appointment postponed to the 13th of July. B…TCH Bummer!!!

*: not Claudia Jean from West Wing.

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Second message in 2 days from T… “I thought, maybe wrongly, that I deserved at least an answer in regard to the past” follow other considerations drier and bitter in which his ex is involved.

I don't need that. I owe T nothing, no more than he owes me.

I just hope he won't show up and make a fuss today.

I've had DM – 'Somebody' [101 version] recorded during a concert in the States years ago. The precise moment goes like this: Who will put her his arms around me, kiss me…. Tenderly ….

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happy end

It amazes me how different mentalities are.

There's a blog I periodically read and leave comments on where a journalist from Libération made a post 2 days ago about his flight having a 2 hours delay and the absolute necessity for all passengers to board the plane before a given time. Later would mean delaying the flight until the day after.

The journalists then described how everybody would set up rows so that those at the end would board first and business class last. It all started at 09:35, doors were closed at 09:58, 3 minutes before deadline. The 737 could take off.

The stewart, who had announced the situation, warmly congratulated then eveybody for their cooperation and all passengers cheered up: “We did it!!”

Typically enough the journalist concluded: “everybody seemed to have forgotten about the 2 hours delay“…

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I went bach to the shop where I had purchased my air conditioning unit. I managed to argue my way to pay half price for renting a van to take the equipment back to the shop [having them pick it up, fix it and return it? dream on] and put on hold a new one (and not wait until mine would be fixed in … weeks, have nothing only to pick it up myself then again) I will use in place.

I must say the manager I talked to (after I let them play pong with me for 2 days) really tried to fix things… I confess I used every strings I could pull: seduction, threat, I even yelled a couple of times (not really, but I talked loud enough to make other customers turn head). I was rather determined to win my case and I wouldn't let go.

The only problem is: the unit works… Ok, the display is still defective but the compressor works and that's all that matters.
Yet, it broke once and refused a whole day to switch back on; enough for me to doubt it won't happen again.

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route from Besancon to Macon via Chalon sur SaoneT sent an e-mail just today. Save one end of May at work, which I could only read after returning from ALC4, this is the first contact since January…
– The one I received at work read: Are you dead?
– This one: I'll be on my way back home from Macon* next Wednesday. Want to have a beer out? If Ok, I'll let you know the exact time.

Part of me says: Is this an apology? The other part says: he made twice the first step back. There's only so much T will accept doing which is a lot to ask him already knowing how stubborn he is.
Part of me says: I'd like to see him again. The other part says: let this be water under bridge. Move on.

I really don't know what to do.

*: Part time job there. The quality manager panicks every time there's an audit so calls T for help and support. Been so for years…

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– This department, along with all other south-east ones all the way down to Mediterrannean sea is currently officially undergoing a heat wave.
Istituto Nazionale di Statistica, Italy, officially reviewed 2003 death toll from 8 000 to 20 000 following heat wave. 5 000 more than this country…
– I can't believe Summer season is just starting.
– My air conditioning unit is down after only 2 days.

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Going back in time

Thanks to who gave the link, I downloaded Orson Welles' War Of The Worlds' and will put it on my Mp3 key.
It won't be music this time but a radio program broadcasted almost 70 years ago…

I've never listened to it, only heard about the panic ensued.

One major theme in Sci-Fi is travelling back in time; maybe this is it. We don't get to interact (God knows what disasters one would do if one could) or choose which period exactly but as technics progress and spread like a fire with cheap personal cameras maybe one day we'll be able to witness everything, every day of our life.

In short: attending a tv reality program might not be the smartest decision… and pay attention to your look and watch your mouth: one never knows who's shooting a photo or recording a video.

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