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Bonne et heureuse Annee 2007

After 42 years on this planet I still persist in thinking there is a point in wishing myself and those I care for the best for a year soon to come.

From recent posts I managed to read (Mom's connection to be blamed here) I learned that a friend needs a kidney  and another one doubts his ability to perform solo  (hope I summed things up right).

No obvious relationship between the two… although.

I remember Dumbo and his magic feather was a story that could be read at various levels
            or ages…

Happy new year you all out there!

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happy boring days

Back to enjoying days when I'm on my own, slightly bored but not too much, with plenty of time ahead of me though not all that much (departure on the 3rd), plenty of things to do but this town being … a town, understand here not a city, list of activities is limited.

I finally decided to not go see sis at St Brieuc. Her attitude, her family's; I felt pretty bothered by it all, apparently so did R. Her lack of generosity, though I should be accustomed to it after 42 years, finally got to me to a point I thought it would be best if I remained here, tormenting Mom.

Mom… I think I finally understood there are things I just cannot expect from her: she's slow, her interests and priorities differ from mine, she's managing regardless, for me to deal with it.

Sometimes though, I can't help trying to … reform her.

This morning I was pleased to hear her say she disapproved S.Hussein being hanged.

Deal with it.

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going going gone II

Brother and his family left at noon. This tells the end of my own stay here is closing in.

We've spent enough time discussing various matters here to leave me with mixed feelings regarding my young brother… We disagree on many things by not much though enough.

First of he should learn to discuss and let others, with different opinions, express themselves without passing judgements. He resembles father in that regard.

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going going gone

Another one bites the dust… Another Christmas, in family.

I feel more than ever that Mom is getting old, sis distant and brother … disappointing.

Living remote from them all does not strengthen obnfds already weak, this Christmas in this regard only confirms, confirmed, that I don't share meal and presents with people I really care for.

Maybe next year will be different, … Mmmm I doubt it though *sigh*

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To James Brown

So long Mr Brown…

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Only one day and already a fight with brother.

I simply could not believe what I was hearing and said so. Later on, as I commented the news, typically enough, brother 'saw' no interest in what I was saying.

I've long learned how to detect his 'get even' game so let know how annoying (and childish) he was behaving.

It didn't take long for him loose it, act threateningly and … go to bed right away… at half past nine.

My options are: leaving but what about Mom and Sis who's due to arrive, along with her family, this evening? Staying… *sigh*


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B & Co arrived yesterday I was already in bed, sleeping.

Thank you ear plugs.

I went down town to buy a couple of things and, again, felt … assaulted by the crowd and the noise.

Is it me or is it noisy out here? It was so uncomfortable I almost fled … forgetting an item I had, already, forgotten the day before; this is fate, I'll never be ablet to get it for as long as I'll be here.

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I just realized, after browsing through Mom’s PC, that I had downloaded pictures from last year and gathered them all in a Noël* 2005 directory in ‘my pics’.

I had totally forgotten that I actually had created a separate session.
After having considered taking the laptop along I finally decided a 1Go USB key was probably a better idea: lighter+no big deal if lost/stolen + everybody I am to visit, Mom and sis, has a PC I may use.
I created a second directory, with all pics from this year, under the name Noël* 2006 which I’ll probably forget all about until next year ^_^


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back home

The return was uneventful, Turku-Helsinki then Helsinki-Paris were even on time… contrary to my 3rd flight to Brest. I couldn't resist thinking the delay was typical.

Apparently Mom and R had had trouble finding the way to the airport so had arrived only a bit shortly before me.

I was instantly sucked into Mom's world where technology is a challenge and seems to exist to only piss her off: we had to call someone to let us out of the park lot since Mom's card had not functionned properly. No one was able to understand how she still managed to drive in though.

Today we spent a good deal of the afternoon to take care of everybody's presents. Better do it all in once and count later how much was wasted  spent.
I particularly like what I bought for E & J, brother's sons: I wanted to avoid made-in-china-flashy-plastic-toys, I picked two that are made of wood though they very much might have fabricated in China, what isn't?

It is 17:40 and not dark yet. I had forgotten how much longer days are in this part of the world.

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Have a very merry Christmas

I couldn't remember the name of that man I had read news about last November on Yahoo™

The 'secret Santa'.

Not difficult to look it up and zero in, thanks Google©, on Larry Stewart from Kansas city.

Anybody can be Santa, matter of choice over possibility, an ongoing story of paying it forward.

I'm due to depart tomorrow at noon; decided not to take my laptop with me but rather a usb key and my trusty little camera.

I might be able to connect from Mom's or sis' … or not. Merry Christmas everybody!

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