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Tomorrow I'll fly home

I hate packing up, I despise having to think ahead what to put in a luggage that needs to weigh less than [insert minimum here] and which dimensions must be less than [likewise] to pass it as carry-on.

The laptop from work comes along. Unlike last year at the about the same time when I had had all the time necessary for development this time, the project having picked up steam, I haven't had same luxury to be all that much creative, at least with the needed consistency. I anticipate moments of boredom at Mom's, so…

The year flew by so fast, it's unreal. I'm glad I have a full two weeks vacation. I need the break.

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Today we 'enjoyed' the visit of our german colleagues, one of whom I was eager to see since I only know him from numerous phone conversations and exchanges of e-mails.

The other one was the Quality head for the whole project, immensely nice person but, to me, not in the right position.

This time he wore a béret, the type I'd say chasseur alpin i.e abnormally larger than the standard size.

Cute. Always a bit surprised by his clothes.

Let's put this way: they're more colourful than anyone would expect from someone in his position.

Yes I have my doubts about him.

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In December next year, 2008, I will have to decide whether I want to prolong my stay in Finland or mover over to some other place.

Provided that there will be another place. It so happened the person in charge of us all, as human resources representative, paid us a visit end of last week (incidentally, just before Pikkujoulu).

I had a quick chat with her and… the number of positions for China will be a lot lower than anticipated. She was aware that many were already in line to go there.

I didn't take the news too well.
After a couple of days, I've had time to digest and reconsider it.

I'll polish my resume and apply to anything there for one because I don't easily take no for an answer.
There are also other projects although they're still at earlier stages plus we're not the only one in competition.

I also need to consider pausing and possibly going back to school. I did it 10 years ago (already!), thoroughly enjoyed it, and with more than 2 decades to work still it might be better improving my 'education' and validating specialties wrapping them up with a nice diploma.

All this, I would have appreciated talking about with HR … if it wasn't THE trade which definition was among the most deceptive.

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New Jersey Moves to End Its Death Penalty

The New Jersey General Assembly approved a bill eliminating capital punishment on Thursday, clearing the way for Gov. Jon S. Corzine to sign the measure.

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"is" is history

Milestone today. “Is”, on Facebook, is not more.

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bearish icon

I almost immediately spotted the icon.

Should someone see Erik let him know some dude he interviewed 2 years ago (one with a funny accent) read an article where a guy left a comment using, as icon, his logo.

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