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wiki vs blog

This Google trend reflects what people are searching for on Google. It does not say the real use but one may reasonably believe there is a strong connection, at least interest.

This is a general trend, meaning all countries are included. Now it is also possible to discriminate per country/language… and surprise, surprise, … well come to think of it, not really. 😉

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face to face

We had a face to face meeting with the customer this afternoon.
I had totally forgotten the name (and the look) of the person I was to meet. I actually had met her about the same time last year when my colleague from Germany had paid us a visit.

Since then he took another job, last June; she was still not officially aware of who had taken over.
She remembered me… and I, too, not as quickly as she did though.

Not much has changed in a year, except that now I know what I talk about.

Mostly … most of the time.

Which is not bad.

We also met a number of persons I only knew from the name I put on letters I send, or receive from, them.

We saw not one but 2 distinct rainbows this morning, on our way to the site.

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  • Our office is next to our commune kitchen. I said to ladies that had been chatting there without even taking time to breathe that the noise was a bit loud.
  • A colleague handed me a document someone else had (finally!! Hallelujah!!) filled up (his first in, what, 6 months he's been repeatedly asked to produce something, anything). To the question if I would scan this one … and the following others I replied: this one alone, I trust even you can understand how a Xerox™ machine works.

Flames out my eyes and steam out of my nose were good indications they'd better not discuss further.

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Andrea Balestri aka Pinocchio was/is my age.

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Read in a blog about fashion (for men):
“Don't be afraid to part (to get rid) from (of) clothes you don't wear. It won't change, you won't wear them anymore.”:
– the thing you bought on impulse. Who never made that mistake? Admit it and dump it.
– the thing that … changed (not you). Too many laundries maybe, anyway you'll never look good in them, so to the bin.
– the stain you've never been able to clean. Unless you believe in miracles.

Except for the second case which never happened (that is I changed before my clothes did), reading this freed my mind in a way.

The obvious looks even more so when it comes from others.

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Jumping bears

Apparently there's a “jumping bears” meme going on on Flickr

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roadie #8107

fifth participation

I’m Helping to End AIDS

From June 1-7, 2008, I’m participating as a volunteer “Roadie” in AIDS/LifeCycle.
It’s going to be my 5th participation, 4 times as a roadie and once, in 2006, as a cyclist.

It’s a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.

Help me support the San Francisco AIDS Foundation by giving what you can. We’ll keep helping until AIDS and HIV are a thing of the past.

Current Total: $0

AIDS/LifeCycle Homepage

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