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Canadian broadmindedness in question?

Martin prepared for gay marriage battle, but Liberals remain divided. Another link here for a not too different way of considering the matter.

Don't disappoint me Canada…

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Precious time

I finally could get my hands on that picture of my sister and me, at 4. That was the end of the day and we had to head back home for supper.

It was the Summer season so, my little brother was about 2-3 months old. I understand now that my Mum was on a tight schedule so there was no way she could delay the time at which we had to get back home for the 'need' to get his bottle of milk.

I resorted to sulking and threatening to remove my bathing trunks. Most efficient way, as everybody knows, to get people mad and turning any day into a stormy one.

My sister has always been the pleasing kind. I was not.

I didn't understand why we had to stop playing with the sand.

I still don't… ^_^

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you need to read that one twice…

That's interesting…

It hasn't snowed for the past, what, 3-4 days. Ice here and then, specifically on the Mayor hall plaza has not defrost since though.

The wind from the East makes temperatures even lower than they actually are. My right knee, anytime I venture outside, aches a bit. Takes a couple of minutes to warm it up and make the pain go.

I just need to get my hand on that spanish sounding hit I keep hearing on the radio. Makes me feel like dancing anytime.

Out of the 3 green plants I had, the one that resisted the most was the very one I expected to die in no time. Last May and June, it looked so thursty after only a week of water deprivation.
One I counted on to bravely survive bad treatement and no watering for … months looks rather bad at the moment. I cut every leaf that showed a little bit of brown.
I could as well throw it to the bin and buy another one but … it's my little green friend and I'll consider a personal success if it makes it through.
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When you think you know people

Spent last evening at NB's, colleague from work and, like me, recent immigrant from Besançon.

It could have been a agreable had the conversation been about something way different. Most common mistake: religion and politics.

When you think you know people… NB was appalled. So was I. I meant to differ, gently so as to save everybody's face and NB's evening. Bringing on a broader picture and adding perspectives to the matter did not suffice. Or maybe I was not good enough…

I met NB this morning at l'espace des artsshe and I, being new in town, were to meet up with our mayor and his staff
– What did you think of last evening?
– That was … interesting.
– I consider the matter not over. I can not let things as we left them.
– …

She's of Ukrainian extraction, on her mum's side who was forced to leave Ukrain at 16 and work in a prison camp during the last war. That's where she met her husband, NB's father.

I don't want to go over the reasons why my concern.

There doesn't seem to have been one bit of evolution and progress in the last 60 years.

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I'm not serious

The floor at work is covered with slippery synthetic tiles. We were told not to run in my former job so now I use and abuse of my refound freedom.

Full speed in corridors. It feels like being in a Hanna & Barbera cartoon …. WIIiiiiiizzzz !!!!

Too bad the best area is located where supervision is.

One of these days I'll be asked to behave as a real 40 year old person. Boy will I blush…

But until then    WHIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Desperately clumsy

Cooking with induction was a first for me. I guess I was too impatient yesterday evening. I failed to put my anti-clumsy-check-everything-before-considering-doing-something-new mode on. I thought I would start with something simple: boiling water. Well, it kinda smelled funny from the very beginning but I believed it was the process.

I just hoped it wouldn't give the food a bad taste.

… I had forgotten to remove the plastic label on the bottom. Duh!


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I spent, I believe, at least half an hour in the cookware aisle yesterday.

The kitchen has induction burners only; I need to change all my saucepans. Goooood! I was tired of them anyway.

Tefal® (I don't have any stocks in that company so this is fair advert) sales these two… wonders. I am hesitating between the faitout* on the right and the wok on the left. Surprisingly the faitout has no Teflon coating but it comes with a internal backet for steam cooking ^_^. They're both equipped for pressure though it can not go has high (and fast) as conventional pressure cookers do…

I am salivating over cookware… This is pathetic. I must get medical help. LOL

*: literally = makes everything

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