Doping is good for you

30 Sep

We live in a world that approves enhancement doping. I just realized it this morning as I was watering my plants. I don't use plain water anymore but, each time, add a drop of Substral™. It seems to be the only way to get 'results' i.e. flowers…

One could hardly find any asprin at home during childhood, now mum can't go to bed without her daily sleeping pill. So did my father, I happened to learn, a few years prior to his death…

It's just so common to hear people say “take this/that, you'll feel better”.

Even publicity, in various ways, decriminalizes some terms one might think could only be heard in gyms.

So, as in the 70s', money in sport was such a big question Mr Samaranche later didn't hesitate to make obsolete, are we about to witness the acceptance of 'substances'?

I don't agree, but younger generations may have a different though perfetly valid opinion about it.

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