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limits of web 2.0 and frustration caused

limits of web 2.0 and frustration caused.

Ever since I arrived in this corner of the world: Normandy, following a new assignment and a new position, I have been willing to acquire a home, preferably a house. Whether I will eventually have one remains to be seen, point of this post.

Depuis que je suis arrivé dans ce coin du monde, la Normandie, à la suite d’un nouveau boulot, j’ai voulu acquérir un logement, une maison de préférence. Que j’en ai finalement une reste à voir, c’est le sujet de ce billet.

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IT people

IT people … so typical, anywhere I go they’re all the same: like Dilbert represented one once “you’re not worth breathing my burp”.

I almost lost it today with one. I have a database under MSAccess which data have been hosted for some time on a server. Naturally enough and because it’s such a pain to set up every Access on every PC to access data that are thus remotely hosted, I asked that a web page be made and integrated in our intranet.

Long story short: the website is almost done save a couple of details (which I can forget having them fixed changed [format of date, how difficult would it be to change that?]) and now I’ve been made aware that there wouldn’t be any use for me accessing data on the server via my MSAccess application?

That was not the deal.

Later, I vented my frustration to Jacques who merely said: IT people only provide the minimum that suits them and otherwise declares impossible whatever bugs them to work on.

I’ll fight.

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