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U.S. Drops Tariffs on Roquefort – (2009-05-07T17:34:14Z)

U.S. Drops Tariffs on Roquefort – –…
U.S. Drops Tariffs on Roquefort -
“The European Commission and the U.S. announced a provisional agreement in a lengthy dispute over the European Union’s ban on hormone-treated beef. The deal ends for now the threat of retaliatory duties from the U.S. on EU products ranging from Roquefort cheese from France to Spanish hams and Italian mineral water. And it more than triples the amount of beef from cattle untreated by hormones that the U.S. can export to the EU. But it doesn’t address the main controversy: the U.S. practice of feeding hormones to cattle to make them bigger. The U.S. says beef from hormone-fed cattle is safe to eat. The EU says one of the hormones causes cancer and others pose a health risk.” – lelapin
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