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Several things, again

  • Isn’t it strange that it’s when I need to focus on one particular subject at work that ideas regarding the other matter, the database and what ever revolves around it, start flooding in whereas I’d certainly need creativity in my present project. *le sigh*.
    I, now, have a more precise idea of how I want the database to evolve in a more or less near future:

    • Exporting from PDF to XML.
    • Retrieving data into the database so as to have a mere copy of the non conformance in question.
    • No need for redundancy of data, except in the case of non conformance we may choose to not cover but only record them.
  • The topic of the TV show yesterday, C dans l’air, was so much what I wanted debated over but, really, the show host is not doing a good job. Guests sucked too, I just don’t know why they invited them. I stopped watching the video after, what, 10 minutes.
  • Question: how can one forget an appointment agreed upon in the morning for some time, any time, in the afternoon? Is it me or was the guy simply not ready for it and rather than just letting me know chose to just not show up from noon until it was time to depart? I may paranoid but, still…
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