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breaking the leash or letting the donkey go

Again that idiot I rode the bus with, me being the last to be picked up in mornings, failed to let me know he and his girlfriend would go to the site on their own.

I was so pissed I text messaged him right away: are you riding the bus this morning? Answer: the driver knows. To which I replied: maybe so but he, like you again, failed to let me know.

I then asked Roland to have me ride another vehicle from now on. I could see the change bothered him and I didn’t give him any other alternative.

The idiot in question, is such an arrogant bastard he doesn’t see that advantage of doubling the security and making sure I know whether he comes or nor. He plays the hierarchy instead (so as to not lower himself and make my life easier no doubt) and if things do not go the way he decided then it’s other people’s mistake.

His loss, I shall hold my pen, if he ever needs my cooperation, from now on.

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dear diary

  • 07:17 Markus wrote: We are early today; ghislain and severine are not coming with the bus. #
  • 10:25 Keith, i need help 4 NCR database #
  • 17:42 Pekka wants to know if you’ll take the bus tomorrow morning. Please direct your answer to Pekka #

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plus and minus

Let’s start with… minuses first

– After searching how to make the best of Outlook© and provide those who ride the shuttle every day with a tool to prevent last minute panic I threw the towel this week and am ready to use another vehicule as often as possible. Some simply refused to play along and I don’t want to go into detailing why; it’s just too petty.
– Second strange refusal of an excellent way to, again, make the best of … Outlook, yet again. And again I don’t understand the lack of cooperation and total absence of spirit of sharing an information, any information, just in case someone else might profit from it. I’ve even been said: these new tools tend to kill communication between people… better hear this than being deaf, barely though.

– I think my database is starting to be convincing enough that others, outside the department, expressed interest in it.
– I attended a meeting with HB, head manager of the site. I feel more comfortable now: this ship has a captain. He might not be very sympathetic or warm but… that’s not what matters.

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