From Twitter 03-26-2011

27 Mar
  • 00:05:03: Change of time this Sunday. Tip to remember how to change clock: Spring forward (Fall back).
  • 07:28:30: Started packing up last trunk early so as to not get scared realizing how little space & lots of stuff I’m dealing…
  • 07:29:06: The more frequently one uses the word ‘coincidence’ to explain bizarre happenings, the more obvious it becomes that…
  • 07:39:03: Not wanting to be middle or upper class is classified as “rebellion,” but not wanting to be working class is classified as “ambition”.
  • 08:22:26: #lastfm #love Landscape with a Yellow House by Aesthesys
  • 08:35:29: Pour la première fois depuis 2008, le tourisme breton refait sa promotion sur les murs du métro parisien.
  • 11:01:09: Time has nearly come when I need to chose what to keep vs leave behind. Balancing values… #Moving
  • 14:55:30: I better understand now the interest of data in the clouds, if only to not carry books+DVD’s whenever #Moving
  • 20:24:30: I think I worked well. I’m 95% packed up and ready. Deciding what to keep/leave wasn’t easy though. #Moving
  • 20:27:29: [interesting question on Linkedin] What’s your biggest challenge when you present or speak in public? -…

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