From Twitter 01-13-2011

14 Jan
  • 07:29:02: took a survey, on the #BBC website, that turned short after the 3rd question. They’re only intereste…
  • 20:20:10: someone remind me: what is ‘tarpipe’ for and about again? Received notification of a ‘new’ feature…..
  • 21:05:10: Quora: Anybody using Tarpipe? Please don’t hesitate to share and Answer:
  • 21:13:22: @jeanlucr Que Twitter n’est pas fait pour la conversation n’est pas nouveau. Etonnant qu’il y en ait a s’y acharner.
  • 22:24:37: Someone on Quora defines himself, in his bio, by his weight and height… sure, why not? ^_^
  • 22:51:32: My answer on Quora to: What are the best examples of #charities using social media techniques

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