From Twitter 10-05-2010

06 Oct
  • 04:36:46: one cool feature Buzz has unlike most (any?) other agregator is the possibility to mute sources from someone one follows
  • 05:26:56: pascal recommended an article : Aiming to Learn as We Do, A Machine Teaches Itself
  • 05:26:56: pascal recommended an article : Change or Perish – if back then,[…], we managed just the same, […], how…
  • 06:39:02: RT @wallybock: .RT @AMAnet: A Secret No One Tells New Managers. (by @wallybock) #Management | Thanks
  • 06:39:51: RT @AMAnet: Motivating Your Employees and Co-Workers to Do What You Want. (Quality Digest) #Management |
  • 06:40:16: RT @SCMFundas: #Business #Management #Case #Studies : How e-governance was leveraged to combat the economic slump in the United States h …
  • 06:43:10: @orchid8 “12seconds is shutting down” – bad news but was not using their services all that much anyway.
  • 11:18:21: SCMFundas (SCM & Ops Fundas):@lelapin TY for the RT 🙂 Have a wonderful day .. (7:45)
  • 19:31:09: on ne peut pas importer un flux RSS dans une page Facebook maintenant? C’est quoi ce gros #fail?
  • 19:54:38: 1 amie vient d’accoucher: 3 jours de retard mais 30mn seulement (bcp apprecieront). Ouf on respire. Champagne!!
  • 20:40:23: It took me, what, 2mn to write a function (nightmarish calculation mixing conditional formatting and…

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