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11 Aug
  • 05:52:09: contrary to what is written in FAQ I can’t change the Buzz account I autopost to on #Amplify #fail plus setting up…
  • 07:36:36: today: SHCOOL is painted along the newly paved road leading to Southern Guilford High School, August 9, in…
  • 07:36:36: RT @tsudo: Location 2012: Death Of The Information Silos
  • 09:10:23: Une directive européenne renforce les prestations de l’assurance maternité des indépendantes (06/08/10)Une…
  • 19:05:39: @aliceayel Perdue? =>
  • 19:45:45: @HarvardBiz I am. Actually I don’t work ‘for’ him, I report to him which is different IMHO. Slightly but different nonetheles.
  • 20:04:12: I brought work laptop to finish up some task I never seem to be able to during the day. I… think I’ll just leave it as is and chill out
  • 20:41:52: 5 Funny Social Media Web Comics [PICS] although this is meant to be funny I’m pretty sure it is a dead serious…
  • 20:41:52: Pourquoi ne parle-t-on actuellement que des réseaux et médias sociaux, […] et (presque) plus des Wikis?
  • 21:02:12: @cjacomino trouvez-vous les wikis difficiles a utiliser? l’article met le doigt sur 1 aspect humain que les wikis tendent a effacer
  • 21:26:43: I’m over geolocation, at least the way it works right now. I should tell when I could be geolocated not where I am.
  • 21:57:51: Today I got back in touch with someone, RK, I had lost tracks of 5-6 years ago. “it’s been a while…” indeed ^_^
  • 22:03:36: @placereseaux et c’est quoi exactement un blog de fille?
  • 22:40:50: cjacomino (cjacomino):@lelapin J’installerais bien Voix Haute sur un wiki, mais l’administration me semble trop…
  • 22:40:50: cjacomino (cjacomino):@lelapin Bonne question – A cause d’une utilisation trop difficile? (17:53)

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