From Twitter 07-12-2010

13 Jul
  • 06:11:50: Apparemment il y a un truc qui ne fonctionne pas sur FB. J’ai systematiquement “erreur d’ecriture dans la base de…
  • 06:17:58: RT @captic: Twitter: Remember that […] verbosity is not a requirement to be informative or entertaining
  • 06:45:31: @jacobwe weren’t you reading tom sawyer to your kids 2 minutes ago?
  • 06:59:07: @florentl24 des fonds supplementaires surtout, ca coute cher de remettre le reseau en etat et d’y ajouter la clim. Bonne journee quand meme
  • 07:01:27: @DJPAULETTE so you detest a whole country for something #RATP and yourself are equally responsible for? Plan ahead next time
  • 07:02:19: @jeytan question: les chiens suent-ils?
  • 08:32:59: (Finland) High Schools Begin Second Application Round -… [pic]
  • 18:12:31: Mon billet : Google vient de mettre en ligne un outil pour fabriquer soi-même une application Android… (cont)
  • 18:42:16: [GReader Share]Spotify Arrives For Linux
  • 18:47:38: [GReader Share]Whiz Kids
  • 18:49:14: [GReader Share]Jump into video editing with JayCut
  • 18:53:53: funny sometimes to read pro PC/Mac comments on Youtube following one of the Apple Ads that used to be popular (“I’m a Mac and I’m a PC”)
  • 20:04:20: Thank you everyone for subscribing (27!) in the 2 weeks time span of #worlcup 2010 in #rsa. I am discontinuing the…
  • 21:18:19: @Guglielminetti a detourner l’attention de la poutre qu’il a dans l’oeil. Y-a quelque chose a gagner? Ai-je bien repondu?

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