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10 Jul
  • 16:12:17: alsagora (ALSAGORA):# # #FF @PhilJ, @lelapin, @RodolpheMathus,@waltercolor, @tiulpan, @LucBernouin, @TonyFrebault,…
  • 17:25:43: @leshumains So how can those undiscovered species be even considered in the 25%? Does not make sense.
  • 17:42:11: ^_^ I haven’t listened to this one for a very long time, came across it by accident, happily so ♫
  • 17:45:37: Funny how ‘connections’ work. Was just made aware that someone I know joined Linkedin … only because he and I work in same company. ^_^
  • 18:01:14: Pointless to follow groups of discussions to find help when apps one uses are 1, 2, 3 versions behind. #justsaying
  • 18:25:14: Why do we have to deal with a lame Outlook (2003!) at work when a mere Gmail account would do a much better job *sigh*
  • 18:43:45: I’ve never seen that taxi though the town is small enough to spot anything or anybody that… sticks out.
  • 18:47:32: (re)naming forms is not part of my priority list but I’ll bookmark this site as it seems to be a reposit ..
  • 18:50:46: This tip works even with MS Access 2003. Worth bookmarking then #ChangeOfAppNeeded #justsaying
  • 19:07:08: Hey @TwitPic, why won’t you let me take my photos and move them wherever I want? #switchingtoposterous
  • 19:10:43: the video is kind of lengthy with definitely too many ‘hum’ but at least the tutorial about posting on P ..
  • 19:17:08: Maybe I’m missing the point but how exactly can BMI benefit from displaying such feeds?
  • 19:46:35: […] aller à l’agence BNP et dire “Bonjour, je voudrais retirer 50.000€ sur mon compte” marche pas. (via @mediapart) – sûr, si compte vide
  • 20:19:04: Ministers turn to Facebook users for cuts suggestions
  • 20:20:58: Moi si j’etais un chat… ^_^ ♫
  • 20:25:33: allez, on passe a la taille superieure: Le lion ^_^ ♫
  • 20:44:54: @v_clayssen Ok, mais hatez vous quand meme 😉

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