From Twitter 07-07-2010

08 Jul
  • 05:40:27: On FB it should be possible to share a news from a page on another page, like it works on Friendfeed. I mean they…
  • 07:30:32: lelapin recommended an article : Jersey Swaps, a Ritual That Comes With a Story
  • 08:12:39: hiten: 9gag: The best job benefit … they should have used [insert] in place of ‘Facebook’ so as to allow broader…
  • 08:12:39: American women are already the breadwinners or co-breadwinners in two thirds of American households; in the…
  • 08:55:36: Au boulot, pas rare que les gens s’échangent des fichiers XL comptant jusqu’à 60 000 lignes #onfrolelaconnerie
  • 20:44:55: #lastfm #love Wisemen by James Blunt
  • 21:03:01: #lastfm #love Lemon Tree by Fool’s Garden
  • 22:53:23: One of the things I’ve enjoyed this #worldcup is learning all the ways ‘Boateng’ can be pronounced in different (cont)
  • 22:56:10: Are you not yet registered for the ride? Then join us for an Online Registration Meeting Monday at 1 PM! (via @AIDSLifeCycle) #alc10
  • 22:58:18: I get a feeling this is going to go into OT. #WorldCup. Based on 15 minutes of observation. (via @nwjerseyliz) #wc2010
  • 23:13:44: [GReader Share]Les Français font des bébés tout au long de l’année
  • 23:17:21: RT @jeandionis: Je tombe sur la décision du parlement Finlandais de faire de l’accès au haut débit un droit (>1mégabit/s). En France, …

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