dear diary

27 Sep
  • 00:24 Fb: At least the 5th time i hear the annonce about pick-pockets… Something i sure don’t miss living in finland: At least the .. #
  • 00:24 Fb: The guy sitting to me in the train has one of those mini-pc’s i read a lot about lately. Me think i may shop around for one.. #
  • 00:24 Fb: Highest score at snake (game on mobile) : 211 i’m terrible with games. Always been: Highest score at snake (game on mobile).. #
  • 00:24 Fb: The TGV i’m riding has a new interior decoration… But nowhere to dispose my trash off. Colours, who picked these flashy o.. #
  • 00:25 Fb: Dijon. As usual 2mn stop.: Dijon. As usual 2mn stop. By lelapin 1 hour, 45 minutes ago. #
  • 10:23 Fb: I forgot to deactivate the alarm. I woke up, sense of direction lost… Contrary to plans i slept at Anne&Did: I forgot to .. #
  • 11:40
  • 12:04
  • 13:08
  • 13:24 Fb: so going to town, have breakfast, then lunch, then coffee, then … It’s only going to last 4 days but I don’t want to thin.. #
  • 13:36
  • 18:09 Yeah! End of the week! #

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