31 May

Bullet points. I won`t be very sophisticated until I`m home I`m afraid but I can`t afford to spend time editing and making whaterver I post look fancy.
* Only managed to wake up once, at around 1:30AM but got out of bed a little after 07:00AM so pretty good night I must say.
* shared breakfast with Laura from Santa Cruz (where I first camp site will be BTW). Everything I said was Cooool, even my name ^_^
* back to `my` Starbucks where I saw Diane, rider #4849 who I can see on your page managed to raise minimum again this year; way to go lady!
* back here now, cross street between 17st and Sanchez, H cafe. I like this place probably as much as I do Startbucks… only difference is probably not as much eyes candy ^_^
* Plans for coming days: buy snickers, joign gym, visit MOMA (Chagall expo) buy aperons, buy bags, … enjoying myself while doing it.

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