27 Feb

The more I talk with my brother the more I have the feeling I'm talking to a stranger.

I'm not 'family' oriented but in this case, between my brother and me, the relationship is getting so thin I have the feeling when Mum dies (if she ever does before any of us that is) my … obligations (can't think of any better word) will die too.

He called me up the other day, yesterday as a matter of fact, just to know how things were regarding my application for a job in Finland. I felt Mum and he had a discussion over me probably minutes before (It's Finland people not the Moon. Besides it's far from done yet).

Any discussion I have with brother always turns into a I'm-right-you're-wrong game (me being wrong of course). This time, after the 'Finnish episode' (2 minutes) we ended up discussing ripping CDs and DVDs and downloading like crazy which he does a lot and me, maybe ten singles last year.

We couldn't disagree more. Knowing how this discussion would unfold I didn't let him move one bit from the main subject. I know his technics: finding the one weak argument no matter how remote from the main subject it can be and use it as a reason to question the relevance of the whole discussion structure.

It's so happened this PC crashed and so did my Skype connection. After, what, 1 good hour chat I didn't feel like calling back. He did (always does, I never call) just to let me know I didn't offer any alternatives blablablablabla.

Does he love me?

Seriously! I can't say whether he loves me as I'm said all brothers love their siblings.

Honestly, I don't love him, I barely like him. I don't care about him.

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