28 Nov

The webcam stopped broadcasting a pic of this place at exactly 06:14AM European time this morning so something was probably going wrong at home. I couldn't imagine finding this place any different than how I left it last Saturday so it was probably the connection or a crash of the system (Windows©, Millenium© version at that…).

Turned out I was right to not worry … ^_^

It snowed almost continually at Besançon, and when it didn't snow, it was either drizzle or plain rain.
There is something about the snow that makes things pathetically sad or utterly beautiful, one can not remain indifferent.

I shot tens of pics but it's past 21:00 right now and I don't feel like perusing through them, then selecting, then doing this or that.
Time and some sleep will naturally bring up which to post (I have the feeling the verb dwell might have been appropriate somewhere here but I don't quite know how to use it ^_^)

I usually associate good times with a song, pretty much like, with colours, black is generally associated to death (sort of) and this time, because I stayed at A&D's and they kept listening to broken flowers' scores, this is the sound I think best fits this past weekend.

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