A propos wit

25 Nov

I think I'm a slow person. I've found myself in situations when I finally knew what to answer … 2 hours after the discussion was finished.

I guess I was born with an unsufficient number of neurons; sometimes I think I was only given one so… speaking, thinking, walking and chewing gum all at once tends to be a bit … difficult. I manage, but slowly.

Like running XP on a 386 Intel microprocessor.

How many times have I found myself, while shopping, suddenly laughing because of a discussion had earlier when I figured what alternative answer I could should have given then.

I've been kicked out of a meeting once because I couldn't stop giggling after imagining a different scenario to the boring stuff we were fed with that day. It's a good way to remain awake though…

Rather embarrassing to see people staring at a fairly mature and educated man, laughing suddenly, apparently incontrolably, in the aisles of a store.

Which is the reason why I decide herewith to definitely not give my brain to science.

I'm participant #1050 - thank you for supporting me, any donation helps

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