31 miles

31 Oct

The advantage of riding on the same road is that I don't have much surprise over part of the route. The drawback is, I keep thinking “I haven't reached [insert town here] yet” and this will only get worse … hopefully.

I stopped at RC's, at Saint loup de Varenne, for a quick visit that I had threatened him with but only stayed there 10 minutes.

Due to time change I don't quite remember correctly my times… I should have recorded them right away, :-/ I have 14:26, and 15:09 in mind which must correspond to my return.

I ate at Tournus which is 25 km south of Chalon.
I think it took me something like 2 hours (less 10-15 minutes stop at RC) but that would give me a 5-6 miles / hour… Granted I had to struggle against the wind… that same wind that allowed the same me to cover the same distance in 45 minutes!! This translates into 33 miles / hour !!! ?? There must be some mistake.

My balls went numb again, I definitely need to adjust the saddle but all in all it was an Ok ride.

I think I left home at 10:46 Summer time, which is 11:46 Winter time… {10-15mn at RC's + 30 to 45 minutes lunch at Tournus} = calculations headache… 2:45, più o meno 20 minuti.

I felt great once at home after a shower but I probably felt done with for the day too soon and didn't cover properly. An hour or so later I had to take a nap which lasted 2 hours.

This morning, there are parts of my body I feel sore like before flu… And I caugh a little. I wanted to test riding 2 days in a row but I'll postpone until tomorrow. Besides it should be or even today.

That's what training is supposed to do to the body too: not only is it a workout for muscle but it must add endurance for when I'll have to chain rides after rides for 7 days.

I'm obviously not quite there yet. Add the money problem and having to ship the bike and… I don't want to think about it.

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