30 May

I'm so stressed… I'm really not happy about I'm still waiting for a confirmation that the e-mail I received is really the e-ticket for a seat in the plane that's supposed to take me back to SF from LA right after the ride.

I got a phone call from Lastminute… The seat is indeed booked. My concern was about not having seen any change in my bank account. The person I talked to confirmed this would in anyway cancel the booking: lastminute Italia paid for my seat, all I need to do now is show up… in time.

I'll stick to ebookers from now on though.

I need to concentrate on the packing up right now. It's going to be an excrutiating exercise figuring out what to bring, what I can buy sur place, in order to travel light without leaving the absolute necessary behind.

– tickets
– passport
– mobile (though its autonomy is pathetically low which forces me to consider buying a charger)
– earplugs
– camera + loaded batteries + memory cards + cable (to charge as well as connect for down/uploading)
– sleeping bag. Last year I was so close to not bring my 0°C bag, because of the room it takes, and buy a lighter one instead. Temperatures are so unlike ours: super high during the day, unbelievably cold at nights.
– Clothes. That's the bitch… how many of everything? I can always buy stuff but how will I bring them along through the ride?

I wish I could enjoy it more but thinking that tomorrow my train is at 05:26, my flight at 09:55 and arrival at SF at 20:28, everything being local times, I already anticipate a looooong day. I'll be like a zombie at the end of it.

I certainly don't want any bug, glitch or delay.

This is me being the usual me, panicking at the last minute.

Help me end AIDS

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