28 Mar

What to do when a lawsuit as important as Michael Jackson's starts without possibility to shoot within the court? To reconstitute the lawsuit, is channel E!'s answer. Entertainement which, associated to the satellite operator British Sky Broadcasting, broadcasts half an hour a daily series, shooting the audience of the day before.

Thus, every day, the actors only have a few hours to learn their lines, i.e. selected moments of the trial before acting before camera. Between each segment, experts (lawyers, journalists) in the studio interrupt the performance to give their interpretation of the trial.

One can see Michael Jackson in great shape when it is, in fact, actor Edward Moss (pic) who impersonates him in the daily re-creation of the Jackson trial's most significant moments for the TV show

This is not new since Sky News, in Autumn 2003, had recreated with actors the hearings carried out during investigations of judge Brian Hutton over the death of David Kelly, expert of the British ministry of Defense which had committed suicide in July that same year.

This endless trial, nicknamed Foreverland by medias, is costing a fortune to the town hosting the trial: small, conservative Santa Maria, surrounded by strawberry and broccoli fields, aa few hours north of Los Angeles. According to local sources there, the prosecutor is investing crazy amounts of money with one goal in mind: to bring Jacko down.

Bill, the lawyer on tonight's show, said once: “if this trial was set in Los Angeles, Jackson would be acquitted.

Something I don't get: families knew about the rumors and '93 allegations yet they were stupid enough to let their kids spend nights in Neverland.
Now they're complaining?!? What about personal responsibility?

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