29 Jul

Just received a message from an ex-coworker at Besançon, TD, who will be on vacations next Friday. She also informed me that JV finally gave his resignation… His final message was attached to hers so I could, again, enjoy his specific style.
JV used to write each edito in our quarterly magazine (when there was one). Eternally against something or someone his writing was that good that he could afford to 'graze' and shuffle feathers of the hierarchy and make it look as though it wasn't a direct attack. The price for his boldness was that he never got promoted…
I learned he was gay by accident, one day while reading an article in the local news paper. From what I recall, as president of some association, he was complaining that gays had been denied the right to pay tribute to their pairs, who had died in concentration camps during WW2, at some commemorative ceremony.
As skinny as a twig, smoking like a chimney, with a brick red complexion, such is JV, for ever angry.

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